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From a warm lunch to an extensive salad bar. The company lunch that is daily made fresh and delivered. Unique and focus on healthy, tasty, fresh, sustainable and home-made!


Lunch van huis's products come from our own kitchen and are freshly prepared every day


The products form lunch van huis are fresh and without any unnecessary additives.


No plastic, minimal waste, circular and local and organic products


From € 3.75 per person per lunch, flexibel and adjustable. The ideal lunch for in the office.
Freshly made, artisanal and healthy!
varied and innovative!
International cuisine and surprising flavors!
Wide selection and high-quality products


Designed for a beautiful presentation and perfect in small spaces. Crispy breads, fresh salads or a full salad bar, local meats and artisan spreads.

Warm lunch

A varied hot lunch. Homemade from our own kitchen and different options every day. The healthy and international lunch at work

Extra services

From breakfast, ready made sandwiches to overtime meals

Try our office lunch with a 20% discount!

Why Lunch van huis?

A healthy and tasty lunch at the office for you and your colleagues everyday? We deliver a tasty and healthy lunch at an affordable price. Because we produce everything in one central location, we have control over the quality of the lunch. And all the products? We produce these from our own kitchen. No ready-made pots, but handmade and homemade!

We make sure the lunch is ready and that everything is picked up again. The office lunch was never so easily arranged!

Our service

Delivered before 12 hours

A quote within 24 hours

Traditional, fresh and home-made

Varied and daily changing menu

One fixed point of contact

7 days a week

Personal, reliable and professional

Basic lunch

Various freshly baked breads, sandwiches, spreads, organic cheese, local meats, butter and homemade spreads

Standard lunch

Everything from the basic lunch + daily changing salad suggestions, a salad bar with different toppings, fresh and natural dressings, eggs and yogurt and homemade granola

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Warm lunch

A daily hot lunch + freshly baked bread and a prepared salad

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  • Yogurt, fresh fruit, Granola and Muesli bar
  • Prepared salads
  • Homemade drinks such as ice tea and lemonades.
  • Crackers
  • Fresh and homemade soups
  • Snacks
  • Smoothies
  • Sandwiches
  • Warm meals
  • Support on location

Also a delicious lunch at the office?

Let us know and we will contact you without obligation to discuss the possibilities!